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December 3, 2023

Chiropractic and Wellness Centre to mark National Chiropractic Day

The Chiropractic and Wellness Centre is dedicating the last Saturday of every month as a National Chiropractic Day as it commemorates the Centre’s 16th anniversary. In observing the day, celebrities will be invited to interact with patients and recovered persons on the need to be mindful of daily activities that damage the spine which is a key part of the Central Nervous System. According to the health facility, it receives about 1,600 patients each month with most suffering from spine related complications. Of the total number of cases attended to, arthritis, heart failure and infertility feature prominently. Other cases often recorded at the facility include stroke and hyperactivity. According to authorities, there is a growing burden of diseases from unhealthy lifestyle habits such as sitting and sleeping postures that damage the spine are said to be leading causes. Philip Reimmer, the Operations Manager of the center, told the media on the sidelines of the anniversary celebration that many Ghanaians unconsciously put themselves in sitting and sleeping postures that damage the spine and present other health challenges. He also blamed long working hours in bad postures for the spinal complications presented to the facility. Banker and gospel artiste, Bernice Offei, who was at the centre’s anniversary celebration, noted that “there are many people who don’t like the orthodox medication. For such people, chiropractic care will correct any defect or blockage of their spine for them to awaken their natural healing ability.” Bernice Offei was honoured for her uplifting songs, with a citation. Source: 3news.com | Ghana]]>

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