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September 28, 2023

Increasing crime in Tadi, security expert charges police to be up and doing

Security expert, Adib Sani has called on the police to ensure that they are seen doing their work efficiently to court public trust in order to avoid plunging the country into a banana state. “If you have a society where the investigation regime is not effective, it serves as motivation to criminal elements that they will be left off the hook and this creates lawlessness,” he said. “When care is not taken, it can metamorphose into a banana republic of sorts.” His comments follow an attack on a young man by thugs in Takoradi. The 22 year old man was attacked near Super Star hotel on Saturday, June 30, around 6:30pm. Narrating his ordeal, the man who wants to remain anonymous says five well-built men about his age, pretended to walk past  him at a very crowded area, but they suddenly circled around him like there was a confrontation. His trousers was torn apart in a bid to destabilise him into letting go of his phone or any monies he had on him. Two of them sunk their teeth into his neck and ribs. Tried as he did to draw the attention of those close by to intervene, none had the courage till the guys took his money and bolted. The onlookers could only offer support after his attackers had left. He said he was given GHc5 to go back home by someone he called a  good Samaritan. Another incident happened near the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital on the Nkotompo road where men with knives jumped into a commercial vehicle and attacked the passengers, injuring them and making away with their valuables. Surprisingly, none of the victims reported the incidents to the police. Security expert, Adib Sani wading into the issue on Connect 97.1 FM in Takoradi blamed it on mistrust of the police by the people. He therefore challenged the security agencies to be up and doing so as to remove the apathy of the public and build mutual trust. “We have something called situational crime prevention. The most important focus of security should be on this. “And one of the ways to enable you do that is to have an effective investigation and prosecution regime”. In the meantime, residents of Sekondi Takoradi have expressed worry about the situation and have called on the security agencies to take charge of situation there. By Shirley Ewurama Smith |  Connect 97.1 FM|3news.com | Ghana]]>

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