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Photos: Kingdom Family touches God’s soft spot with 2018 Worship Fiesta

The Shepherd Cathedral of the Kingdom Power Family International (KPFI) was on Sunday filled to capacity as worshipers marked this year’s “Worship Fiesta: Glory in His Presence”.

For well over four hours, the living God was highly exalted through pure worship executed with prayers and song ministrations.

Without any technical hitches – sound and lightening system being on point – majority of the over thousand patrons who thronged the ultra modern auditorium in Accra stood on their  feet  for hours. Others laid prostrate, a few others reflected soberly as they sat in worship while many devised varied means to appreciate God and lift his name above all names.

Pastor John kicked off the Worship Fiesta when he led the congregant in prayers interspersed with songs to declare the goodness of God. The resident choir, the New Vessel, led by Pastor Ruby, took over the baton. One  song after the other, they dished out both local and foreign songs lifting up the spirit of patrons to another level in worship.

The well rehearsed choir blessed with angelic voices were on top of  their game that evening. And for close to an hour they made their voices felt in heaven.


The audience got electrified when award-winning trio, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, took over the stage. They made the occasion memorable as patrons sang along their notable songs including ‘Bebre’ and ‘Asomdwehene’.

The Kingdom Seed Inc. were at hand to evangelize through sketch which they perfectly delivered with ease.

It was a different ball game all together when Becky Bonney took the microphone with her baritone voice.

The Worship Fiesta was at its peak as she released medley of popular worship songs.

One could virtually sensed an opened heaven with God seated on the throne, in his full glory, soaking up praises and adoration from mortal beings  who have confessed and professed him as their creator.

Worship not only crying, kneeling

Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil, Presiding Bishop of KPFI, in an interview explained that the event was to help people understand how to worship God.

“Most of the times we think worship is only about lifting up hands, crying, kneeling or laying prostrate and other things. We really want them to understand that, that is one aspect of worship. So we bring people from all over the nation together and invite other guest singers to come help the people to know how to really worship. Most of the times I come to preach on how to worship God and after that we move into the posture of worship.”

Based on responses from patrons over the three-year period, Bishop Bentil assessed that the purpose of instituting the worship fiesta has been achieved.

New Robe, New Song

The service was also used to unveiled a new robe for the New Vessel. Rev. Joseph Ansong who dedicated the bright blue and yellow gown quoted from Exodus 28: 1-3 and charged the choir to continue ministering to God.

The choir also launched its first single album. Titled “My Prayer”, the song was written and composed by the leader of the New Vessel, Ps. Ruby Akyere Amponsah Barnor and was dedicated by the Resident Pastor Edwin Langmer.
The choir earlier gave a rendition of the song written in Twi and English to the admiration of all.

Listen to My Prayer

Indeed, true worship was defined to its logical conclusion at the 2018 edition of the Worship Fiesta by Kingdom Power Family International.

By Isaac Essel |3news.com

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