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December 2, 2023

We’ll migrate galamsey to formal sector – Peter Amewu

Peter Amewu[/caption] Minister designate for Lands and Natural Resources, Peter Amewu has said plans are being put together to formalize illegal mining. Galamsey activities also pose a major danger to Ghana’s development, with the fear of losing the environment as well as water bodies and other natural reserves. This has raised unending debate among stakeholders with the Chamber of Mines calling on the government to streamline the activities of illegal miners. Taking his turn at the ministerial vetting in parliament minister designate for Lands and Natural Resource Peter Amewu says streamlining galamsey is topmost on the list of the Nana Addo-led government. “Regularization of illegal mining is a subject I am considering myself. We got to bring them to the formal sector and the right way of doing things. We will see how we can migrate them into a formal sector”. He reiterated that his outfit will not hesitate to deal with any miners who go contrary to the law. “The recalcitrant ones will face the law, we will improve their lot and their process through technology. Those that will refuse will face the law”. By Grace Asare |3FM|3news.com]]>

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