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December 3, 2023
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Amidu’s appointment should win investor confidence – Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has maintained that the appointment of Martin Amidu as the Special Prosecutor is a strong indication of government’s commitment to combat corruption. He made the above pronouncement in a meeting with the new Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Tsutomu Himeno, where he called on Japan and other developed countries not to hold back on offering support to Ghana because of its willingness address the corruption canker. Mr. Rawlings said, “the appointment of Amidu as Special Prosecutor from outside his own party shows the President is serious. It vindicates some of us. No developed country should hold back in assisting our country to improve the lives of our people.” At the meeting on Friday, Flt Lt Rawlings praised Japan for its continued support for Ghana over the years but sought increased cooperation between the two countries especially in creating employable opportunities for Ghanaian youth. Touching on international matters, the former President said while globalization has created much wealth it has also led to a great deal of impoverishment due the inequality in the distribution of wealth caused by the ‘savagery of capitalism’ as stated by Pope John Paul II in one of his pastoral letters. “The inequalities created by capitalism and the impunity of political power may be leading to the emasculation and helplessness of the mass of people on the one hand and on the other it will no doubt and definitely be triggering outrage, anger and hatred which translate into acts of violence, suicidal tendencies, terrorism and pockets of political instability, Mr. Rawlings said. Flt Lt Rawlings said though Japan is an advanced wealthy country, that wealth has not manifested into the kind of outrage you find in other places because the culture of the Japanese inhibits and prevents impunity. “Others need to learn a few lessons from countries like Japan, China, South Korea and a few others that have held on to the humility of power. The culture of respect for the people is what has helped to prevent the arrogance of power.  Though our (Ghana’s) culture of respect is not supposed to be any different, we have not been able to prevent impunity. It is about time we woke up to the negatives of the savagery of capitalism and tyranny of the misuse of wealth,” the former President stated. Ambassador Himeno informed the former President that Japan was involved in the construction of a flyover at the Tema motorway roundabout and also the drilling of boreholes in some deprived areas of the country. The Japanese people, the ambassador stated, very much appreciate the relationship with Ghana and that is manifest in projects such as the Noguchi Memorial Institute, the role of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and several developmental projects supported by his country. Former President Rawlings extended a message of health and good wishes from his family to Emperor Akihito and his family as well as Professor Hishashi Owada, former diplomat and currently a member of the International Court of Justice. Source: 3news.com | Ghana]]>

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