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December 8, 2023

Government must formulate organic waste recycle laws


Government has been urged to formulate enforceable legislations that would ensure that industries and companies would recycle organic waste generated by them.

According to Safi Sana Ghana Limited, a waste to energy and organic fertilizer company, such laws would compel companies to sort their waste for recycling to prevent the indiscriminate dumping of organic waste.

Mr Raymond Ategbi Okrofu, Country Manager of Safi Sana, made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency.

Mr Okrofu said dumping of such waste only tend to pollute the environment, while causing shortage of availability of raw materials for recycling.

He added that the Local Government Ministry and its related entities must intensify education on waste separation policies since people do not see the relevance of separating organic waste from other household waste.

He further implored government to recognize that the Safi Sana project was an integrated solution for most of the waste management problems Ghana faced.

According to him, organic waste which is collected by his company is processed to produce energy and fertilizer which nurture seedlings for the market.

He said the project, apart from creating jobs, helped to improve sanitation, while promoting agriculture and gave opportunities for research work.

Mr Okrofu indicated that his outfit fed about 1.6 megawatt of power to the national grid daily from 30 metric tonnes of organic waste.

By Laudia Sawer |GNA|Ghana

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