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September 28, 2023

I thought I had Adam’s apple but later realised it was thyroid cancer – Jeremy

Radio and TV personality Jeremy Van-Gashong says she mistakenly took her symptoms for thyroid cancer to be that of her developing an Adam’s apple when she first noticed a bump in her throat. The God-fearing voice-over artiste took to Instagram a couple of months ago to reveal that she travelled to Germany for treatment after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is a disease which is caused by the growth of abnormal cells in the thyroid gland which is a butterfly shape organ located in the base of the neck which secrets the hormones that control metabolisms the way your body uses energy and affects all age groups though it is most common after age 30. In an exclusive interview with TV3, Jeremy narrated her ordeal with thyroid cancer and advised regular checkups for people who detect anything unusual on any parts of their body. “I woke up one morning and there was a tiny little thing and I didn’t think it was anything because it looked like just a little bump. “A friend of mine saw it and asked me what is was but I said it was nothing but probably my Adam’s apple even though I knew girls do not have Adam’s apple but I just sort of felt it was nothing but a week later and a month later it was still there”. According to Jeremy, she became a laughing stock at work due to her sudden change of lifestyle. “I got very health conscious so I was drinking a lot more water which I wasn’t doing before and eating more fruits and vegetables which I wasn’t doing before,” she said. “They were laughing at me at work because all of a sudden my diet and everything changed so if you begin to sense that all of a sudden there is anything unusual about any part of your body then you must go to the hospital because you do need to know what is going on”. In Ghana, the annual mortality rate per 100,000 people from thyroid cancer has increased by 5.8% since 1990, an average of 0.3% a year ,according to healthgrowth.com About 230, 000 new cases of thyroid cancer were recorded among women and 70,000 among men with the most visible symptom being the thyroid nodule. By Nana Afrane Asante|3news.com|Ghana ]]>

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