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December 8, 2023

Notes from the Ghanaman File: Ghana’s Democracy Blossoms: Handing over to Take Over

change-cartoon This was found on the tomb of an unknown man: ‘When I was young, I told myself that I would change this world but I realized at the time of my death that I had changed nobody because I should have changed myself first’. Food for thought. A few days after Ghanaians of various persuasions ‘danced over’, ‘jumped over’, ‘Pushed Over’, ‘Rolled Over’ and did all to get over from 2016 to 2017, the final act of sealing what democratically took place in Ghana on December 7, 2016 happened on Saturday, January 7 when there was a handing over and taking over of state power and authority from NDC to the NPP. Ghanaians effected a change in the leadership of the nation truncating the leadership of President John Mahama, who took over after the unfortunate demise of President Mills. Having served the remaining five months of President Mills’, Ghanaians gave him the thumps up to become the president in his own right in 2012. For four years, a fair assessment of Mr Mahama as president would confirm his achievements in building infrastructure like roads, schools, hospitals and providing water for ‘waterless’ communities. Yes, he did his bit but at the polls, most Ghanaian voters thought that was not enough so they voted against him and his party. Our new president, Nana Akufo-Addo campaigned on hope for the Ghanaian. A malignant economy with a soaring rate of unemployed teeming youth were issues which dwarfed the story of the previous government’s infrastructural development. Indeed, the expectations of the average Ghanaian in President Akufo-Addo’s government is quite gargantuan with several people reportedly queuing up already for jobs with some us wondering which job openings are available for grabs. This definitely, would put a lot of pressure on the new government. Already, we have heard in the media some ultimatums issued by certain groups for the new government to deliver on some of its campaign promises almost immediately. Since we have voted for change, I am sure there must be a certain shift in the way people see Governments as if they are ‘Santa in town’ to dole out hand outs to people. I saw a cartoon in which some people were asked who wanted change, and every one had lifted up the hand but when they were asked who want to change none of them was interested. This has been our attitude as a people where it is becoming clear that every eight years we have a cause to preach change in leadership but the citizenry remain unchanged in our attitudes and behavioral patterns. If we still cheat, lie, breach traffic rules, put square pegs in round holes for jobs because we are party members or family members and cronies of the appointing authorities, no change will be happen. True change must have rippling effects across societies. If we all resolve to deal with the issues we all complain about and play our parts by showing true signs of change, then real development will take place. Let’s have a new beginning as a people and bring a real change to our dear country. kojo-ackaah-kwartengBy Kojo Ackaah-Kwarteng Head of Station, Onua 95.1FM]]>

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