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September 28, 2023

N/R: Puri clan repackages Sanpauk festival for development

The Puri clan of the Bimoba tribe in the Mamprugu Traditional Area of the Northern Region has reintroduced its annual home-coming and development durbar after a decade of suspension. The home-coming festival known as the Sanpauk was celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the Puri Clan to thank the gods of the land for protection and prosperity, and also to reunite the clan. The three-day celebration which used to be purely ritual sacrificial activities was threatened by the influx of modernity as members of the clan refused to finance the celebration claiming it was idol worshiping. puri-clan But after consultation, leaders of the Puri Clan have repackaged as an annual Peace and Development Durbar to champion peace, unity and development in Bunkpurugu and its environs. The new face of the Sapauk Festival was marked in the Kambugu community with sporting activities, community engagements, durbar and less ritual sacrifices. This year’s homecoming dubbed “Unity for Peace and Development” will henceforth ensure the contribution of each member of the clan towards achieving holistic development and also ensure clan members return home each year. The Chairman of the celebration Robert Konla reiterated the need to champion peace as the district tried to nurse its wounds suffered during the chieftaincy dispute involving the Louk Clan. puri-clan2 “The durbar you see here is about peace and development of this village. We find it necessary and very important that those who are working elsewhere annually should come to the village and get the local people to plan for the development of the village”. He was optimistic the re-institution of the festival will bring more unity among the various clans in Bimoba. By Zubaida Ismail |3news.com| Ghana  ]]>

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