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Pray for wellbeing, longevity and prosperity of Ghana – Mahama

President John Mahama has rallied Ghanaians, as 2017 begins and the world changes at a fast pace, to confront their challenges with a concerted effort devoid of ethnic, religious, or partisan division. As Ghana turns 60 this year, the president charges, “Let us move forward into this New Year as one nation, let us pray for the wellbeing, longevity and prosperity of our nation.” This was contained in President Mahama’s last New Year message to Ghanaians as he leaves office on January 7, 2017. Below is his full message 2017 NEW YEAR MESSAGE BY HE JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA- PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA Good morning fellow Ghanaians, Once again we’ve entered a new year, a year in which our beloved Ghana will turn 60. Families and friends have come together to celebrate God’s free gift of life to us; even as we continue to hope and plan for a brighter tomorrow for ourselves and future generations. Join me to give thanks and praise to God for a successful election. I congratulate Ghanaians for collectively ensuring the peace and stability of our country. We have every reason to be proud of our achievements. In this season of love, sharing, goodwill and reflection, I am thankful for our time together and for what we have accomplished. Together we have conceived and nurtured our nation’s dreams of prosperity for all. Together we have sown the seeds of solid growth and sustainable development, much of which is abundantly evident by the degree of social and economic transformation that has taken place all around us these past four years. So here we stand today, having entered 2017, the year in which our beloved Ghana will turn 60.  Here we stand today, recognized as the beacon of democracy and socio economic progress on the African continent. We recognize that Ghana’s success is our collective success.  And, likewise, Ghana’s failure is our failure. The year 2017 marks our 60th year as a sovereign nation, it is my hope that we look to our past to help guide us into our future.  The world around us changing at a very fast pace. In order to remain relevant on the world stage, we must keep up with those changes. We must recognize that we can forge ahead in this changing world only by consensual agreement on all the challenges we face, irrespective of our ethnic, religious, or partisan affiliation. My brothers and sisters, Let us move forward into this New Year as one nation, let us pray for the wellbeing, longevity and prosperity of our nation. It has been a blessing serving this great nation as President. I thank you, each and every Ghanaian, and God almighty for the privilege. I wish you, all, a joyous 2017. To the incoming President and his family; my family and I wish you God’s blessings. May time continue to be a friend to our nation’s progress. And may God continue to bless us all and our homeland Ghana. Source: 3news.com |Ghana]]>

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