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September 28, 2023

Rawlings eulogises ‘supernatural Mandela’ in a tribute

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has in a tribute to anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, described him as possessing an almost supernatural ability to reach beyond himself to be the persona needed at each point of his service to humanity. He said the best tribute to Mandela for all, would be a resolve to be an example of what dedication, perseverance and commitment to a cause can do to our society. The former Ghanaian leader said the late Mandela was man enough to conquer the bitterness of almost three decades of violence, injustice and pain to come out as a man of peace. “The man that left prison was – a sage, wise, salted and fine. Only a personality of steely determination and resolve could rise above the deep pain he endured,” the former President said. Speaking at a ceremony organized by some civil society organisations and youth groups to mark the 100th birthday of the former South African President at his office on Wednesday, Flt Lt Rawlings took the opportunity to question aspects of Nelson Mandela’s will which he described as un-Mandela like and incompatible with his character. Former President Rawlings said he found that aspect of Mandela’s will strange and wondered why those who had the opportunity to re-examine it could not do so before Mandela’s beloved Winnie Mandela passed on. “Do some of us feel threatened by such a towering and reverential figure? Do we feel his values and principles will elevate standards so high as to block the doors to corruptible tendencies? “Have we allowed this deformity of space, as a way of bringing him down a little? I find it unfortunate that this violation of his character could not be investigated and rectified before his and our beloved Winnie Mandela passed on,” the former President pondered. Still eulogizing Mandela, Flt Lt Rawlings said the anti-apartheid hero was steady and committed, remaining true and firm in his convictions in spite of years of helplessness, pain and bitterness. He said Mandela’s “strength and courage served as the fire that kept the freedom fight alight and kept him and many of his incarcerated colleagues alive and focused.” “The interesting thing is that a just cause no doubt might have battered followers and sometimes stunted the passion of the battle for freedom, but there was no way it could completely be squashed and de-energized because it was a struggle for truth; a bitter toil in defence of the truth. Their cause was a just one,” the former Ghanaian President said. Other speakers at the event included Tegha King, President of Youths and Students for Peace, Dr. Marshall De Sauza, founder of WAIT UK, Mawuli Kobla Asamani, Deputy Country Head of UN Youth Ghana, Joana Boateng of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Dr. Donald Agumenu of Water for Rural Africa. Groups that participated at the ceremony included Water for Rural Africa, Youth and Students for Peace and UN Youth Ghana. Others were WAIT UK, National Union of Ghana Students and Young Diplomats. In a related development, former President Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, also participated in an event organized by the South African High Commission to commemorate Mandela’s centennial at the Labadi Beach Hotel on Wednesday evening. Source: 3news.com | Ghana]]>

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