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December 2, 2023

Moree: Tollbooth attendants want security beefed up

Moree tollbooth

Attendants at the Moree tollbooth in central region are appealing to the police to beef up security there to protect them and revenue collected at the booth.

The appeal has become necessary, in the wake of the incessant attacks on some tollbooths and state establishments following a change of government.

TV3’s Spencer Boateng and Thomas Vincent Cann who have been following the development at the Moree tollbooth noted that several facilities in the central region have come under attack by persons alleged to be sympathizers of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

On Tuesday January 10, some group of persons attacked attendants and reportedly made away with some tickets and unspecified amount of money at the Moree tollbooth.

Florence Addy, a supervisor narrates that workers at the tollbooth need maximum security for their duty.

Florence also wants political parties and the public to know that such facilities and the revenues collected are controlled by the Ghana highway authority.

Moree tollbooth2

Adjoa, a kenkey seller around the Moree tollbooth and an eye witness of the incident also shared he experience with TV3 and called for calm.

ASP Irene Oppong, the Public Relations Officer of the Central Regional Police command, said investigations are on going to bring those who attacked the tollbooth to justice.

She also said the investigation will help establish whether what happened there was a force takeover or pure robbery incident.

ASP Irene Oppong says the regional police command is on high alert to prevent any form of crimes and forced takeovers of state institutions.

The Moree tollbooth located in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese near Cape Coast serves as a major revenue collection point.

The booth sits on a major highway that connects Cape Coast to Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi

In a related Development

Meanwhile, calm has returned to Elmina, a major fishing hub in the Central region and in the country where there were reports of some disturbances in the sales of premix fuel.

Kobina Nkrumah, a fisherman at Elmina believes the need for a new board in managing premix fuel is necessary whenever there is a change in government, but must be done amicably.

Source: 3news.com| Ghana

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