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December 8, 2023

Ugly side of cosmetics

Cosmetics have now become the need of society. People spend monthly on these and the amount of variety is so high. The makers claim they make one of the finest products meanwhile quality is compromised.  Many times it happens that the ingredients mentioned are not true and that affects us. So there is an ugly side to these beauty products as well as well as many harmful effects of using cosmetics. The common notion among people is that they cannot look beautiful or handsome if they missed out on a cosmetic or just ran out of it. This dependency can lead to too many troubles and is nothing less than an addiction for them. Headache is a very common issue after putting up make up for long periods of time. Generally ladies feel dizziness, tired and nausea after prolonged exposures to high makeup which they are not aware of. A lot of care therefore should be taken while removing makeup. Absolutely nothing should be left behind. It has been found that cosmetics contain certain ingredients which on exposure to humans directly in large amount may lead to a state of unconsciousness. So one can wear makeup, but must make sure it’s not for just too long and if one has to spend a large amount of time then prefer light makeup to avoid headaches. Yes one may start looking older than he or she actually is due to make up. All the makeup and moisturizers actually do some damage to your skin and with prolonged use wrinkles and other signs of ageing may be visible. The cosmetic makers are so smart that they then release anti-ageing creams and lotions. These cosmetics then fight the signs of ageing.  They are making money and it is us who have to suffer. Eye shadow, mascara, and other forms of eye makeup can harm the eyes of user very badly. Girls who wear lenses may harm their eyes even more because the chemicals present affects the lens material and can result in something very damaging like thinning of eyelashes and eye infections. Mascara can cause blindness as it contains pseudomonas aeruginosa which is a very harmful therapy bacteria. There are different types of allergies possible with excessive use of cosmetics and at times there are side effects even if the usage is limited. Breathing allergies are damage to nose and nasal passage due to intake of cosmetics by mistake or even deliberate. So with the benefits of cosmetics comes a parcel of never ending list of allergies you are at risk of. Be careful while choosing your products. Skin diseases and reactions have been a common problem with use of sunscreens and sunblocks. There may be a permanent discoloration of skin or severe damage and issues with the skin like skin cancer. So from all indications  it is obvious that cosmetics enhances our beauty but too much of it has massive and serious effects on the skin. Source: Nana Boatemaah Hansen ]]>

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